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This is a Million Times Stronger Than Cancer Drugs

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An Extract from This Fruit Tree is
1 Million Times Stronger
Than Some Cancer Drugs!

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* Featured Topic:  Why More Fortunes are Made During Bad Economic Times Than During Good Times - How You Can Use the Recession to Your Financial Advantage

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Have You Heard the News About Arthritis?  Brace Yourself ... This is BIG!

Did You Know...

... that an extract from the pawpaw tree has been shown to be 300 times as toxic to cancer as chemotherapy ... and 1 million times stronger than some cancer drugs?

Pawpaw Tree     The common pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is a fruit tree native to North America, particularly the temperate woodlands of the U.S.  Its twigs contain acetogenins, powerhouse cancer-destroying compounds.  Acetogenins kill not only cancer cells but multi-drug-resistant cancer cells.  In fact, they appear especially effective against cancer cells that have survived chemotherapy.

     Only 2% of cancer cells are naturally drug resistant.  But once resistant cells survive chemotherapy, they can multiply precipitously.  Once that happens, additional chemo may be useless. 

     Acetogenins, however, work differently than chemo.  Instead of attacking rapidly dividing cells directly, acetogenins choke them off by blocking adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the chemical fuel they need to survive.
     In 1997, Cancer Letters and the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry published breakthrough discoveries on pawpaw, acetogenins, and cancer.  Researchers have now published more than 100 scientific papers on pawpaw investigations that began in 1976 at Purdue University, one of the most highly regarded universities in the nation.

     Back then, Dr. Jerry McLaughlin was a professor of pharmacognosy at Purdue's School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the National Cancer Institute had just awarded him funding to scour the plant world for anticancer botanicals.  For 3 decades McLaughlin searched, screening more than 3,500 plant species.  His findings astonished the scientific community

     McLaughlin's team identified plant substances that were in some cases thousands of times more deadly to cancer cells than chemotherapy drugs.  The substances proved safe, too.  One study reported that pawpaw was 300 times as toxic against cancer as a leading chemotherapy drug -- without causing weight loss and hair loss.  Nor do acetogenins appear carcinogenic.  "I don't think we'll have to worry about these [acetogenins] ever causing cancer -- as some anticancer agents do," McLaughlin told reporters at Purdue.

     Tumor-fighting acetogenins -- also known to be antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic -- are found in many plants.  But none are as potent against cancer as those in pawpaw.  For example, pawpaw's South American relative, graviola, has been widely publicized for its cancer-fighting properties.  Yet, common pawpaw has repeatedly been proven to be significantly more powerful.

     In all, scientists have isolated some 400 acetogenins.  One known as bullatacin, found first in a Cuban native plant, showed phenomenal results.  In tests by a major pharmaceutical company, bullatacin proved 1 million times stronger than the cancer drug cisplatin in inhibiting growth of human ovarian tumors transplanted into mice.  McLaughlin's team isolated bullatacin in pawpaw, too.  "[We don't] have to rely on Cuba to get bullatacin, the most potent acetogenin," McLaughlin said.  Trilobacin, another pawpaw acetogenin, suppressed growth in cultured cells of several cancers, such as:

  • leukemia
  • small-cell lung cancer
  • colon cancer
  • melanoma
  • ovarian cancer
  • renal cancer
  •      Some pharmaceutical companies have tried -- not yet successfully -- to create a synthetic, patentable version of pawpaw.  Since they can't patent natural plant agents, that means they can't expect to make profits from them.  This may explain the absence of clinical studies despite pawpaw's documented and formidable anticancer activity.

         One informal and unpublished clinical trial in 2003 showed promise, though.  In association with McLaughlin, Dr. James Forsythe of the Reno Cancer Screening and Treatment Center in Nevada led a trial of 94 terminal stage IV cancer patients who had already undergone traditional cancer treatment.  In results from a selection of 10 positive case studies, pawpaw extract ...

              ==> Reduced tumor markers
              ==> Reduced tumor size
              ==> Increased longevity

         Forsythe's trial used pawpaw extract that McLaughlin developed after his 1999 retirement from Purdue.  As a scientist, McLaughlin knew a natural extract had to be standardized against variables.  Acetogenin levels in pawpaw vary by as much as 1,000 times by plant and month of harvest.  Other variables influence acetogenins, too, such as the specific pawpaw species, 8 of which are native to the United States.  McLaughlin's findings are for Asimina triloba, or common pawpaw.  Here are other variables:

  • Acetogenins are much more plentiful in pawpaw's twigs
  •     than its fruit or leaves
  • Acetogenin levels in twigs peak during the month of May
  • Levels of acetogenins vary by location of the trees
  • Some groves produce much higher levels than others
  •      Against these challenges, McLaughlin finally perfected and patented an extraction and standardization process.  He licensed his patent for this methodology to one manufacturer, Nature's Sunshine, which now produces Cell-Reg, the only standardized pawpaw extract available to consumers.

         For his achievements, McLaughlin has earned enduring recognition.  In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious Tyler Prize for research on botanicals by the American Society of Pharmacognosy, an organization over which McLaughlin once presided.  Most importantly, though, his pawpaw discovery is finally available for use by cancer patients in their fight against a dreaded disease with no known cure.  What better reward could there be for a scientist who dedicated 30 years of research to battling cancer through nature?

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    Featured Topic: 

    Why More Fortunes are Made During Bad Economic Times Than During Good Times
    How You Can Use the Recession to Your Financial Advantage

    Everyone knows that the U.S. is in the middle of a serious financial crisis.  People are suffering from the devastating effects of the recession ... retirement accounts and 401Ks have been dwindling ... prices of gas, oil and consumer commodities are skyrocketing ... foreclosures are at an all-time high ... and the savings of American families are being depleted or wiped out altogether.

         Those who are of retirement age (or approaching it) worry that they will not have enough money in their retirement account to support themselves financially when they retire. 

         But it doesn't have to be that way.  Whenever financial slumps occur, there's always a silver lining.

         What most people don't know is ...  m
    ore fortunes are made during economic downturns than during times of robust growth.  Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Disney started doing business during economic downturns, according to Bankrate.com. 

         Other companies that opened their doors during past recessions -- and went on to become industry giants -- are the Hyatt Corporation, General Electric (GE), Burger King, IHOP Corporation, FedEx, CNN, Trader Joe's, MTV Networks, Wikipedia and Sports Illustrated among many others.

         By the same mechanism that these forward-thinking companies found a way to prosper during economic slowdowns, so can you, says Byron King, editor of Outstanding Investments.

    A Financial Crisis Can Become Your Golden Opportunity

         The Chinese word for "crisis" is expressed in the characters below.  Some linguists say that the characters represent "danger" and "opportunity."

    Danger And Opportunity

         Whether the etymology of these Chinese characters is accurate or not, 
    it's still a perfect metaphor for the current situation because so many people erroneously regard this recession as a time of crisis ... they don't see it as the opportunity that it really is.

         "The fact is, the economic downturn does not have to affect you negatively.  A
    well-managed crisis can become a golden opportunity, if you know the right steps," says King.  "It's important to understand the nature of the ongoing threat your finances are facing.  That way, even when the dollar collapses and the price of oil soars to $220 a barrel this year and gas prices reach $8 a gallon -- as I predict they will -- you can take the necessary steps to counteract those threats."

         King should know because he's a Harvard-educated geologist who used to work for a major international oil company -- and he has appeared on CNN, CNBC and Fox News talking about the impact of market events.

         According to a report published in The Globe and Mail on January 17, 2009, economic research shows that people who are forced into self-employment after a layoff tend to make the most successful entrepreneurs.  By the same token, there are opportunities hiding in the economic recession that can revolutionize your net worth.  For example:

    ==> There is a "safe haven" financial plan that could pay you gains up to 668%.

    ==> There is an opportunity to invest in what King calls "the single best energy stock to own over the next 20 years."

    ==> There is a "gold secret" nobody is talking about -- and 3 ways you could still triple your money on gold.

         "Make no mistake," warns King.  "There's a financial disaster fast approaching -- I call it a 'war' -- that will dwarf the banking crisis and could be 8 times more deadly than the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.  It will be the biggest threat to your money and livelihood this year."  In an unprecedented video presentation, he shows compelling evidence why this will definitely happen.

         "You'll need to arm yourself appropriately," says King, "and be bold and courageous enough to make the situation work in your favor."  In the video, he guides you through the "mine field" of unknowns to help you gain peace of mind and enable you to amass wealth -- instead of losing your money -- in the worst recession of all time.  Click here to watch the video.


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